We are not a kennel, puppy mill, or puppy broker.

* Carolina Blue Frenchies is not currently producing any puppies at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

-Updated 1/25/20.

We are a small hobby breeder of AKC Blue French Bulldogs located near Charlotte, NC.  Our puppies are raised in our home and receive lots of love and attention. We are not the least bit ashamed to say that your new puppy will already be spoiled by the time it comes to live with you. We strive to produce healthy, beautiful, well socialized AKC French Bulldogs.

We still receive updates from the new families of puppies we've adopted out fairly regularly and are excited each time we do - we love to see how they have grown and how much they are loved. 

You just can't bottle feed, cuddle, play with, and worry about a puppy for nine weeks and not love and miss them even after they have gone. Our puppies are family and once you adopt one you become part of the Carolina Blue Frenchies family as well.





Gigi is a fun loving clown who loves to play soccer and meet new people.  She has produced 3 litters of beautiful pups and is now enjoying a simple life here with us. 



Madeleine is a blue cream French Bulldog. Her coat is cream, but her DNA shows that she is also blue (not just a blue carrier). This is also referred to as "platinum". Madeleine is super sweet and cuddly. She is very affectionate and smart and loves to play fetch. Madeleine is small and cobby and has great conformation.  



Cornelius is our big, silly and mischievous boy.  We decided right away we had to keep him, especially since he was from Gigi's first litter.  He has been neutered so, obviously, he will not be used for breeding.  He's just our baby boy and Carolina Blue Frenchies' mascot and goodwill ambassador.



Bella is one of Gigi's puppies from her second litter. She is a blue and white pied Frenchie.  She has a huge personality, and is alot like her Mom Gigi. We just love her temperament and how smart she is!  We are excited to breed her in 2019!